An engineer and explorer, I've always been curious about everything around me. I'm handy at solving problems, figuring out ingenious ways to combine things in the kitchen and the bar, and making people smile. I spend my days working on IT infrastructure and my nights out on the town with nonprofits like Opus Affair and BYPA or hunting for the perfect beat.

Professionally, I'm a member of LISA contributing there and to the open source project Glusterfs. I like the challenge of making technology scale and working to make the most of it for you to you and tons of awesome people.

Personally, I love the open road and documenting my adventures on it. I've toured New Zealand on a dirty little motorbike, hitchhiked to Montreal, and plan to do a Pan-American tour sometime soon. The art that I'm best at is the art you can taste with el toro loco and ginger mojitos being some of my recent creations. I'm inspired by contemporary art and electronica with the ICA and Good Life as favorite places to find both.

Above all though, I want to make the world a little bit of a better place. If you have a question about technology or really about anything at all, I'd love to help you explore it and see what we come up with.